Manufacturing Process

J.I.T. Material Delivery

Dawson Doors' Sheet Metal Loading Dock

One of the most important concerns in business today is keeping costs under control. Dawson Doors implements JUST-IN-TIME delivery of materials in order to reduce our inventory. This enables us to reduce our costs and ultimately reduces our customers’ costs. The software we use to manage our in-house operations is ProfitKey’s Rapid Response Manufacturing; a world class integrated manufacturing resource planning system. ProfitKey allows us to schedule resources, manage capacity, control jobs, and deliver quality products on time and with expert precision.

In House Graining

In House Graining and Finishing

Dawson receives mill finish (2B) material and applies the desired finish in house to maintain uniformity. These finishes include #4 satin, #6 satin, or non-directional. Material is sanded (grained) prior to fabrication to assure consistency between doors and frames. Because of bending and welding of the material during the manufacturing process, additional graining may be required after fabrication to restore the material finish. Of course, in-process and final inspection are performed throughout the fabrication process to assure total quality.

4000-Watt Laser Precision

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting on Amada 4000-Watt Laser

Dawson Doors can produce close tolerance entrances because of the use of laser precision. This technology has more than doubled our capacity in both size and speed. Our Amada Gemini 3014, 4000-watt laser cuts stainless steel or bronze up to ½” thick while maintaining a .003” tolerance.


Sheet Metal Press Brake Bending
Sheet Metal Coin Bending

In the process of manufacturing doors and frames, two different types of bends are used to custom fit your specifications: coin bending and air bending. Dawson utilizes coin bending which gives the material a crisp, tight bend radius, and adds to the aesthetics of our products.



All of our welders are AWS certified. MIG and TIG welding is performed to meet tight specifications. Our numerous welding stations include capacitor discharge stud welding, a technique that eliminates marks on the reverse side of the surface. Special emphasis is placed on TIG welding procedures and the experience of TIG welding personnel.


PICTURE MISSING: Grinding and Buffing
Grinding and buffing is critical to product finish. Dawson’s skilled craftsmen remove spotweld marks and other blemishes bringing the welded surface to flawless perfection. The final finishing process is accomplished at Dawson’s facility to assure quality control and customer satisfaction. A special compound is used in our buffing process to accentuate the lustrous #8 mirror finish.

Fitting Hardware

Balanced Door Hardware

Dawson Doors will fit any type or design of hardware into your door and frame. The procedure will begin at the laser where the prep locations are cut to exact specifications. When the doors and frames are ready, the hardware pieces will be hand fit, then removed and packaged separately to protect each piece and prevent any potential damage during shipping.

Crating / Packaging / Shipping

Various products and methods of packaging are used to assure your finished product is protected during shipment so as to arrive in perfect ready-to-install condition. These include plastic wrap, furniture wrap, foam, pallets or wooden crates. Additional steps are taken for international shipments to assure the product is air tight to allow for added protection against the elements during lengthy overseas transit.

Orders are typically shipped via common carrier; however, special arrangements can be made to provide reduced transit time and direct door-to-door delivery.

Crating, Packaging, and Shipping Doors and Frames
Shipping Crates for Doors and Frames

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